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    Our Moringa Mint Soap is made from all-natural ingredients including Moringa Powder sourced from our organically grown Moringa Oliefera trees, Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil and a splash of Almond oil and Castor oil. Unlike most soaps that dry skin, the natural oils in this soap will rehydrate your skin with good vitamins and minerals leaving your skin glowing. The mint will give your body an aromatic experience and have your body feeling cool and relaxed once you step out of the shower. Along with replenishing your body of essential vitamins and minerals, the anti-bacterial properties in the Moringa will act as a detoxifier, drawing out toxins and bacteria from your body and allowing your skin to breath better. Once you've tried our product you will never look at cheap, buy-in-bulk soaps again! Your soap is from our 3 batch ever made.

    Use at your own risk. Absolutely no refunds.
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    Loved the soap, lathers up good and you can feel the mint in it , stimulates your senses.

    Have you ever been desperate and used soap on your face because you had nothing else? It took your makeup off, but left your skin feeling dry and tight? This does not leave the skin feeling anything like that. It has a nice lather and my face feels clean and, for lack of a better word, normal, after using it, just what I was hoping for. Love it!

    This soap is better than anything on thr commercial market. Great for my skin (me being a man) yet gentle enough for a child. I love this soap. This will be the only place for me to purchase my soap from. Great product.

    Nice smell and moisture on my skin.

    First, I want to say that I LOVE this soap! After showering my skin was soft, smooth, and at that moment clothes are annoying because my skin feels that good. I even use it to remove my makeup. My husband and I have gone through a lot of trial and error, trying to find a soap that does not irritate our skin and we finally found it! Now we need to be able to purchase in bulk. I made the purchase on 5/28, it came on 6/3, and finished on 6/7. Thankfully, I already purchased the Citrus Basil Mint Soap. I can not forget to mention the amazing customer service I received. I wanted to purchase two products at one time. However, one product (capsules) was not posted. I reached out to the seller, got an immediate reply, and they honored their word by reposting the product within 30 minutes. Bravo to HerbalGods!